with Bruce Van Patter 2006-2007 School Visits

My visit to the 4th grade at Alexandria Middle School

This was another chance for me to work with just a fourth grade, and what a great group of kids to work with! Lots of ideas were flowing. For instance...

The assembly story

The four ingredients: a kid who works at a fast food restaurant who is on a roof and wants a new pet and has a silly sidekick of a superhero dog!

The story: our hero is tired of his superdog pet. The mutt is always getting him into trouble. So he decides to interview new pets, but has to do it secretly so that his dog doesn't know. Up on the roof of his dad's restaurant, he finally decides he likes this cat, but then superdog shows up. Is he trying to help or is he trying to get rid of his competition?

And here are the two stories that came from our workshops.

Here's a fun story about a monkey who uses a wizard's spoon to transport himself up into a tree. He's afraid of climbing, you see. But when he gets up there, he drops the spoon and doesn't know how to get down. The higher one gets to the top of the tree, the more important the monkey. The monkey of that particular branch isn't happy!

Assembly doodles:

these are the four doodles creatve in our assembly, all using the same squiggles as a starting point. Really fun drawings!

by Dominic

by Matt

by Chiara

by Kayla

A boy sets out to find hidden treasure using a map he's found. But when he gets close to the island on the map, something distracts him. He sees something in the water just ahead. What he doesn't know is that it's the tail of the sea serpent which belongs to the underwater merman king, who wants to keep the boy from finding the gold!

Well, Alexandria fourth graders, our time was over all too quickly. I hope it got you excited about stories. You have good ideas for tales, just like the ones above. Take some time to put them on paper and share them with others!

Keep up the good work!

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