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Monkeys in Art

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Monkeys in Art

As I go from school to school, I've found there are a few animals that kids think are funny. Chickens. Cows. Penguins. But topping the list are monkeys. As my daughter and I have been looking through paintings, we've run across monkeys every now and then. So I thought I'd put a page for them. Here's what I've found so far.

Jan Steen: The World Upside-Down

From Jan Steen: The World Upside-Down

Seurat: A Sunday Afternoon on the
Island of the Grande Jette

Peter Paul Rubens: Cimone and Efigenia

Henri Rousseau: Exotic Landscape

Peter Bruegel: Two Monkeys

Antoine Vollard: Still Life

Frida Kahlo: Self Portrait with Monkeys

My thanks to all who suggested Kahlo's monkey paintngs. I'll just post this one.

These next paintings were sent to me by Marcio Fonseca, a new friend in Brazil, who knows art better than I do. These are great! Many thanks, Marcio!

Alexandre Gabriel Decamps The Experts 1837

Another by Alexandre Gabriel Decamps. Anyone know the title?

Franz Marc: The Little Monkey

Edwin Landseer:
The Monkey Who Had Seen the World (1827)

Durer: Virgin with Child and Monkey?

My thanks to Stacy Wisslead who sent me this William Holbrook Beard painting
entitled Runaway Match. A fun addition, Stacy!

Another art-monkey fan, Paolo Marta,
sent this great example by Picasso

These next two are here because I promised I'd put them up. They're by my daughter, Grace, who has been on this monkey search with me.

Know of any other paintings? I'll keep adding them as I find them!

Text © 2005-2008 Bruce Van Patter
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