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Welcome to the start of my comic strip. Well, it is mine, but in a way, it's also yours.

Let me give you some background. In 2005, to celebrate National Cartoonists Day, I posted a four-panel cartoon for kids to which kids could add their own words. It was a big hit. So this year, I've taken the cat and dog which I had used in the first strip and developed them into characters. And I've added two new cartoons.

Here's how it works. Feel free to print off the cartoons linked below and add words to them. (These are copyrighted works, and are only intended for personal or classroom use. They cannot be used in publications or posted on a website.)

I'm really just starting to work with these two characters. If I were to make them into an ongoing comic strip, which I'm not intending to do at this point, I would draw them over and over until I became really comfortable with the way they look. I'd think more about their personalities and what they like and don't like. Right now, Binks seems fairly into himself, and Bowser seems most interested in annoying Binks.

So, here are the three FREE comics to which you can add your own words:

Click on the image to go to the cartoon.

The gift

The bath

The shakedown

Each one has a link to show how I completed the cartoon.

If you liked those, you'll love my new book of 26 more cartoons just waiting for your words! Download it now for only $7.95 -- that's only 30 cents per cartoon!

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