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My books

I have two picture books currently on the market.

Tucker Took It -- JUST PUBLISHED!

In a return to the same farm of Farley Found It, this book follows the misadventures of a hungry goat who is on a quest -- much to the annoyance of the other animals and Mrs. Zook, the farmer. It's full of the same colorful, digital pictures and repeated phrases. Look for Tucker, who's always lurking somewhere nearby. This book will soon be available on Until then, schools can order the book by contacting the publisher, Boyds Mills Press.

"The illustrations are big, bold, and colorful. They look good enough to eat. I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures as much as the story. Children will love reading this book and looking at the pictures." RECOMMENDED. Library Media Connection

"The title refrain will keep audiences engaged, and sharp eyes will catch details such as Tucker's modification of the "don't feed the goat" sign to his advantage. Van Patter's digital illustrations are brimming with action and expression amid simple scenes..." School Library Journal

"Tucker's tale teaches valuable lessons about sharing with friends and jumping to conclusions, lessons that go down easy thanks to the barnyard setting and the humorous approach." Children's Literature

I have put up a few pages for teachers and parents who want to get the most out of the book with small children.

Farley Found It

This fun picture book, published in October 2006 by Boyds Mills Press, is a simple tale of a sheep and a dog and a doghouse. Farley, the sheep, is afraid to sleep outside at night, so he takes over the farm's doghouse. The dog, Edna, isn't very happy about this, so she tries to hide the doghouse in different spots on the farm. But no matter where she hides it, Farley finds it. Your children will love the humor and the suprise ending, as well as looking for Farley who is hidden in the illustrations when Edna hides the doghouse. See the entire book, without the words, here.

Borders Books named the book an Original Voice, saying in the review:

"The real fun of the tale lies in the expressions and gestures of the two main characters, the dog and the sheep. Edna in particular carries on in almost operatic fashion, while her invader demonstrates a variety of sheep-y sleepy satisfaction. The settings are simple farmyard areas and include other appropriate animals. There is a lush, saturated quality to the digitally produced images which adds to the overall humor."

Reviewed by Ken Marantz and Sylvia Marantz.

"Fine bedtime fodder"

Kirkus Reviews

"Beautifully illustrated"

The Reading Teacher

"Animal-loving children will enjoy this beautifully illustrated book. It will keep you entertained, laughing, and wondering about what will happen next."

The Book Hive


Max Bonker and the Howling Thieves

What is it with dogs on my front covers? This is my original fictional dog, Max Bonker, adventurer, balloonist, solver of mysteries. I collaborated with my good friend, Scott Weidensaul (a respected nature writer) to produce a story that would give a glimpse into the amazingly interdependent ecosystem of the Amazon rainforest while it told a kid-friendly adventure. Though this book has been in circulation for some years, it remains a favorite of children who read it.

"Max, through blunders and brilliant revelations, discovers the fascinating truth about this exotic world in the middle of the Amazon. Max Bonker And The Howling Thieves is beautifully illustrated in full color by the vivid artwork of Bruce Van Patter."

Midwest Book Review

"Max Bonker and the Howling Thieves is not only an educational, kid-friendly mystery, it's also a grin-grabbing hoot!"

AOL Children's Book Review

"Van Patter's illustrations are as lavish and enchanting as the rainforest itself."

Eileen Spinelli, The Book Nook

Other books I've illustrated:

These are either specialty books or are no longer on the market.

Sparks: Year One
Creative Writing Lessons that Kids Will Love!

This collection of creative writing lessons is for teachers or homeschooling parents and can be purchased as a download. I've filled the book with my off-the-wall ideas and original art. Sparks: Year One is a great way to ignite the imagination of young writers! Find out more here.

"The Sparks writing lessons are fantastic. The students look forward to it every week... They beg for the writing workshop time. It is wonderful to see children pleading to write. I definitely recommend the program!" Third grade teacher, Reading, PA

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