with Bruce Van Patter 2007-2008 School Visits

My visit to Brooklake Elementary!

The Assembly Stories

The four ingredients: a horse in a movie theater looking for a jet-car up against a lion

The story: this horse loves movies with an action-hero horse. But when the hero flies off in a jet-car, our hero gets so excited, he jumps up on the stage!

Good thing the lion usher is there to get him down or the movie would be ruined for all the other animals!

The four ingredients: a shopper girl on a beach looking for a chimp up against an evil pie-man

The story: A girl uses a genius chimp to help her pick out bargain sales. But one day, her chimp disappears on a nearby beach. What has happened? He's been hypnotized by an evil pie man who is using the chimp to sell his new kind of pies: sun-screen pies!

The workshop tales

Alien stories are so much fun! Here's a tale about a boy who comes to earth to find his lost alien parents. He tracks them down to an old guy's apartment on top of a city building. Seems like the old guy is really into aliens and won't let them go.

So our hero swaps his space ship for his parents. What a choice! Now he has his folks but can never go back to his planet.

Somehow, I think he made the right choice.

A sand shark -- okay, kids, a SACRED sand shark. (They kept trying to make me add that extra word.) I love this idea: somewhere in the desert is a shark that lives in the sand and comes up and swallows whole cows!

So our hero, a former outlaw, decides that the only way he can win over the local townspeople is to rid them of this deadly creature.

It was fun trying to think of ways he would figure out that the creature was a shark!

This story is about a weeping giant. He's a kid who's anger at a magician at a country fair got him transformed into a giant. But now he can't remember who did this to him. He needs the help of a girl to solve the mystery of the magician.

Also, the boy is afraid of heights, so he refuses to stand up.

What he doesn't know is that the spell will be broken if he stands up. Here we see him with the evil magician in his hand, about to stand up. The magician is terrified he'll fall to the ground, so he's trying to stop the boy giant.

Here's another story set in the desert. This time, it's a princess who's on a quest to rescue her pet dog. The dog's being kept prisoner in a tower of stone.

It seems that the evil cowboy wizard wants the magic rope she has. Will she give up the rope?

The dog doesn't want to!

A couple of final thoughts:

Remember, Brooklake kids, you are creative!

It's important to get your ideas down on paper and share them with others. That's what keeps you wanting to be creative.

I hope you had a great day and I hope our time together got you excited about using your imaginations!

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