with Bruce Van Patter 2010-2011 School Visits

My visit to Bullock School!

The Assembly Stories

The four ingredients: a lion in a jungle school looking for his favorite food up against a vampire cow

The story: First, I need to say that I don't do vampires in drawings, but I did make this cow have sharp teeth. She wants to take a big bite out of the lion's mango. She took it from his lunch when he wasn't looking.

Now the lion is in trouble because he was caught reaching into the cow's lunchbox to get his mango back.

Have you heard the saying, "It takes two to tango?" Here, it should be, "It's takes a moo to mango!"

The four ingredients: an apprentice to a evil mastermind with a silly sidekick of a pig in a janitor's closet in a museum of natural history who wants a famous kid,

The story: our hero is trying to find and capture an ancient, prehistoric boy who has been brought to life by the plot of an evil mastermind, who is disguised as a janitor in the museum.

I was worried that the drawing of the prehistoric boy might be a bit frightening, but the kindergartners who came into the library while I was finishing it called out cheerfully, "Look, there's Frankenstein!" I guess it's not too scary, after all.

The workshop tales

This strange character on the right was drawn by a student. We imagined that he was a boy who was trying to track down his missing grandfather. Years ago, his grandpa gave him his watch. Now, out of nowhere, this boy starts getting emails from somebody, telling him about a mythical creature that might be holding his grandpa prisoner in an abandoned house. The boy goes to investigate.

What he finds is a chimera! That was described to me as a creature with a head of a lion, a body of a goat and the tail of a serpent. The chimera doesn't just have the grandpa, he IS the grandpa! Only his old pocket watch can turn him back into a human.

This turtle has a magic apple. When anyone bites into the apple, it will give you what your heart most desires. For him, it was to be fast. The apple gave him wings that he can hide in his shell.

A girl turtle takes his apple. She thinks it will make her fly. She doesn't know how the magic really works. So when she jumps out of a tree, she won't fly. The apple knows that what she really wants is to be famous like the boy turtle. Falling out of a tree will certainly get everyone's attention!

It's a good thing our boy turtle is there to catch her! I bet he now wishes he had never told her about the apple!

Here's a superhero who's day job is a pizza delivery guy. He's also going to college, where his professor keeps loading him up with homework, more than any other student.

Why? Because his professor is actually an evil genius who uses his skateboard to escape the scenes of his crimes.

Our hero is out to save a girl he likes. She's been kidnapped by the evil prof in his last attempt to stop Pizza Man. But our hero finds her when she smartly calls for him to deliver a pizza!

I like the idea of flying on a pizza, but wouldn't it be hot?

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Hey, Bullock kids -- you are creative! These stories we started are just the tip of the iceberg of your imaginations. I hope you're excited about putting those story ideas down on paper and sharing them with your friends. Or perhaps you'll draw them, like the wonderful notes I received from Mrs. Kuwabara's class that had marvelous illustrations on the back of each letter!

Your ideas are worth the effort it takes to write or draw them. Believe in your ideas!

Thanks for having me be the first presenter in your beautiful new school. And thanks for sharing some of your ideas with me.

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