with Bruce Van Patter 2010-2011 School Visits

My visit to Cable Elementary!

I finished up my San Antonio week at Cable Elementary, a school full of creative kids!

The assembly drawings

The four ingredients: a monkey in his front yard looking for his friend up against a bear

The story: The setting of a front yard made me think of a yard sale. And here, George, our monkey hero, doesn't realize that his best friend, Paco, is about to be sold.

I think the story should be his following the bear all over town, trying to get Paco back!

The four ingredients: a ninja princess at a carnival who wants a ball with a silly sidekick of a cat

The story: This princess has amazing ninja moves because of her magic ball and keeps defeating her mysterious enemy. So one night she finds out that he is hiding at a carnival, so she goes to find him. Her pet cat goes with her. And of course, she brings her power ball.

But she doesn't realize that the cat is working for her enemy! The cat is trying to toss her ball into the mouth of a giant clown at a booth, but she realizes what he's up to and tries to guess which ball is really her special one!

The Workshop Stories

Here is a cool combination: a cowboy and a superhero. On top of that, we added that he is trying to herd little alien animals into a safe place to keep them from the aliens that are out to get them. Those evil aliens are called The Beserkers. They can't see, but they have amazing powers of smell and hearing.

So our hero lures the beserkers into a canyon where he knows there is a deep pit. Hearing the little animals, the berserkers follow. Just in the nick of time, our hero leaps across the pit and the alien trackers fall in!

I think the little alien creatures are cute, don't you?

Finally, here's a story about a girl who takes books from the library and uses them to inspire her to go on adventures. She always throws her dog into her back pack as she heads off into the mountains.

But one day, both her dog and her latest adventure book are missing!

Who took them?

That's the suprise. Actually, the dog took the book and was going to throw it off a mountain because he's tired of how she's always ignoring him because of these adventures.

It was a quick drawing, but captured the feelling of rocks about to fall.

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So, thanks to all who made this day successful, especially the kids who shared their thoughts for our stories..

Remember... you have great ideas. Share them!

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