with Bruce Van Patter 2007-2008 School Visits

My visit to Central Elementary!

Check out these stories:

The four ingredients: a turtle in the jungle looking for a jewel up against a cat

The story: This turtle is an adventure turtle. He's an explorer turtle. And when he hears that there might be a jewel hidden in the jungle, he sets off to find it.

The jewel has been stolen by an evil cat, and the cat doesn't want to give it up to the turtle, so he has a helper to protect his treasure -- a snake!

I had fun making the snake look like a vine right up until the end of my drawing.

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The Adventures of Pirate Dog
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Write Your Own
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Sparks: Year One
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More to come!

The story by Rommelt Kids

The four ingredients: a superhero pig who wants to fly in a barnyard with a sidekick of a fish!

The story: this pig is really just an ordinary pig with big dreams: he wants to be a superhero! So he wears the farmer's long-johns as a cape and wishes he could fly.

The only animal on the farm who understands is the big, old catfish in the farm pond. He wishes he could leap out of the water. So when he gets the pig to set up a see-saw, he leaps and TA-DAA! The pig can fly!

4th and 5th grade workshop stories

How's this for a confining setting: the living room of a couch-potato girl! We imagined that a girl was all depressed after breaking up with her italian chef boyfriend. Can you see the single strand of spaghetti in the drawing on the right? So sad.

So her friends decide that the best way to get her out of her living room is to have a guy come over and watch TV with her. Since he's really annoying, she should soon be up and out!

I thought it was really interesting when the kids in this workshop decided to have a plumber as a main character. Here, the plumber has to go deep into the pipes below the city to find the ring he mistakenly lost down the drain.

But the ring has been collected by a monster who likes pretty things. When the plumber finds himself alone in the dark with something big splashing up to him, he does what he always does when he's afraid: play the harmonica. Will music soothe the savage sewer beast? What do you think?

Magical stories are almost always set in fairy tale times, but this creative tale is set in a deli! In it, a graduate of spell school has taken his powers and is commanding lunch meat and condiments to fly into hoagies.

He's become quite famous for it. But he's breaking the rule that one student thought up for wizards: they can't do their magic in front of people. So a wizard has come disguised as a customer to take his voice away!

The wintertime setting of this story sets it apart. Here's a kid who hears of a treasure that's hidden in the large, wooded park at the edge of a city. He's been given the key to it by his grandfather.

He sets off into the park to find the treasure box. Once he does, he uses his trusty sled to make his getaway.

But wait! Someone else wants the treasure! A woman antique dealer is waiting for him, having pushed a big rock right into his path. That's not nice! But then again, villains aren't known for being nice.

Drawing is fun. But you don't have to be a professional illustrator like me to be creative. You Central and Rommelt students have fantastic story ideas just waiting to be brought out. Put your ideas onto paper. Remember to share them with others.

That way, you'll always be creative!

While you're hear, check out the fun stuff I have on my site!

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