with Bruce Van Patter 2009-2010 School Visits

My visit to Corry Elementary!

The assembly stories

The four ingredients: an elephant in a room looking for a hot dog up against a dragon

The story: our hero elephant just wants a hot dog that's well done. So he squeezes into a little diner run by Al E. Gator. He is a dragon who wants to be a chef and not have people scared away by his being a dragon.

The elephant keeps asking for the hot dog to be cooked more. The chef is insulted! He doesn't want to have to cook it more, but he wants the elephant to stop squishing his customers.

So he uses his fiery breath to burn it!

The four ingredients: a girl detective in a science class looking for a crayon with a silly sidekick of a monkey with a purse

The story: our detective girl invents a crayon that makes drawings come to life. But someone steals it! Who? A nerd who wants to make a buff, handsome version of himself.

She tracks him down to the school basement where she tries to stop him. Unfortunately, so does her pet monkey who is so upset she wants to whack him with her purse.

But what will happen if the nerd's drawing does crazy!

The workshop stories

We started with this great drawing of teenage miner. A minor miner! We decided that his girlfriend, who is really mean to him has sent him to get her water from the ogre's cavern. The water, she thinks will turn her into a beauty. What she doesn't know is that it will make anyone who drinks it to look outside like they do inside!

Our hero goes to the cavern is forced to drink the water by the ogres. What happens? He turns into a hero! That's what he is inside!

What a great concept this was! My thanks to the boy who came up with that!

In this tale a girl who breaks marred pots for a potter finds a strange thing hiding in one of the pots she's supposed to break. It's a baby alien! She decides to sneak it out. Then she has to carefully protect the pot from breaking.

Who would want to harm such a cute little alien? The karate cats, of course. She has to keep fending them off. She thinks they're out to be mean to the alien.

What she doesn't understand is that they know that the alien is actually really dangerous to humans! They're trying to protect her!

I had fun drawing a cute alien with big eyes and then at the last moment adding the sharp teeth. I also really enjoyed being able to play BOTH my alien music and my ninja music!

What exactly is this thing on the right? We thought he looked a little like a lizard guy. Then we imagined that he roamed around a city at night taking things and helping people and avoiding the squirrel cop and his goofy guard dog, Butch.

Then the lizard's friend, turtle, disappears. Lizard goes looking for him.

He finds him in a dark alley, but he hears the dripping of the dog's drool and realizes it's a trap! So he tosses his flashlight as his own trick and goes to rescue his friend. Smart move, Night Lizard!

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Corry is a truly great school -- the teachers could not have been more helpful and enthusiastic. I loved how so many kids were wearing my favorite color: BLUE! (Aren't you kids glad I didn't say something like yellow-green?) The banner the kids all signed was so cool I had to take it with me to show my family. I even took pictures of the kindergarten display of Edna's doghouses! I really felt like I was a famous artist at this school!

Best of all, I was treated to kids who had good imaginations. The stories we made were fun and original. Those stories are just the start of what could come out of your amazing brains, Corry kids! Put your ideas on paper and share them with friends and family. Keep those ideas flowing!

Thanks for a great day!

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