with Bruce Van Patter 2010-2011 School Visits

My visit to DEW!

The assembly drawings

The four ingredients: a clumsy lion-tamer named Fabrizio in an underground training facility with a silly sidekick of a little guy; Fabrizio wants a pet.

The story: We have a wonderful combination of a clumsy animal trainer who is being trained himself by his sidekick, who also has to inspire their pet cheetah to act ferocious. They're training in the animal facility right under the circus floor.

I think it would be fun to have the two of these characters traveling around, trying to find a wild animal they could bring into a new act.

The four ingredients: a caveman named Newton who has come into the future looking for a robotic fish in an electronic fish store up against a robot clown with a tentacle mustache.

The story: Well, that's one strange combination. So you'll have to forgive the fact that I don't have much of a story. I just tried to find a way to put all those crazy ideas into one drawing.

Apparently the clown wants the time club to take him back in time in order to make all of history amusing.

Drawing that mustache was truly an odd thing to have to do!

The four ingredients: a mysterious guy in a cape on top of a city building looking for a friend up against a huge princess

The story: What a great name: Oscar Squiggledoodle. He has few friends, so he holds a party up on top of his city apartment building. The party is ruined when a giant princess shows up.

Two questions we didn't answer: 1) Why is she so huge? And 2) How did she ever get the idea that they were going on a date?

Big questions. But then again, that's a BIG princess.

The Workshop Stories

We only had time for one workshop, which was done with selected kids from 5th grade.

We dreamed up a story about a nerd who wakes up one day in a lab, wondering where his parents are. He can't remember them, either.

So he goes off on a quest to find his "dad." When he gets to a cabin in the desert, he finds an old prospector. But our hero also finds that he's being tracked by some other mysterious guy.

Then come the surprises. First it turns out that the tracker is his brother. Sort of. Both of the young men were actually created, not born. They're robot inventions of a genius scientist. The "brother" is convinced it is the old prospector who lives in the cabin. But in fact, the genius inventor is actually our hero's pet cat!

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So, thanks to all who made today fun -- especially the kids whose great imaginations dreamed up these stories!

Remember... you have great ideas. Share them!

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