with Bruce Van Patter 2003-2004 School Visits

My visit to Fermanagh-Mifflintown

Kids love to tell their stories, where they're imaginary tales, jokes they've heard, or just something that's happened to them. My goal in every school is to encourage them to get their stories out so that they can share them with others.
When I arrived bright and early at this school, I was eager to hear these kids's stories!
And what fun it was! Starting with the assemblies, where the kids sat a cafeteria tables...
...and going through the day in workshops, we spun tales out of nothing more than our imaginations.
Here are some of the kids that added their creativity into one assembly.

Let me tell you about that drawing behind us.

This genius dog wants to impress a poodle that's over for his pool party. But there's a catch: he doesn't know how to swim. Good thing his silly sidekick, a naked mole-rat, is there to catch him before he hits the water! I only have one question: has anyone ever seen a dressed mole-rat ?
There's something magical that happens when a kids takes a marker in hand. Every time a doodle gets turned into a person or an animal, it's a wonderful time of discovery for me!

No, kids, thank YOU! I always get so much out of working with great, creative students like you. And I hope you had fun, too. More than that, I hope you are excited about your ideas. They should be shared with others!

Super Stories!

Story One: The Day the Elf
Lost His Magic

Without his magical powers, how will the elf stop this hungry, huge squirrel? By using his wits, that's how! I didn't quite get the size right, but this is supposed to show how the elf put acorn caps on the toes of a bear!

Story Two: Yell Lady's Pizza
What makes our hero approach a scary lady's house, despite her yelling and this unknown dog-pig-wolf thing? He's got to get his tip!
Story Three: The Quest of the
Puppet Dog

This pooch is sent out to stop a hideous troll, but all the dog knows how to do is puppetry. But the pooch can puppet! He makes the troll laugh himself silly.
Story Four: Where's the Water?
A duck wants to join the circus. It's what she wants the most. But only when she becomes a clown does she find the thing that gets her applause.
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Pick the ingredients to stories and click through to see how I've started them. Then you finish the story!

Make a character out of some funny people I've drawn for you!
Here are a bunch of actual drawings I've done in schools. Use them to write your own story!

click on the images to go to the writing activities