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Food art

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When my daughter was four, I began to arrange food for her lunches. It started as just something funny to do for her, but as all creative projects seem to go, it grew into something much bigger. I kept it going for around a year. It was fun for us both, except for the times when she was really hungry and tired of waiting for me to put finishing touches on that day's food drawing. The only one that puzzled her a bit was the sheep. My personal favorite touch so far has been the muffin nose on the dog. These are shown in the order that I've made them.

For a while, I pursued getting this idea published as a picture book. I even produced the plates below. I'm very happy with the concept of food art on interesting plates and backgrounds. Unfortunately, the editors in publishers weren't so taken with them. Oh, well. I hope you enjoy them, at least.

Who knows. Maybe someday I revive this project. That's another things about creative projects. They're never really over!