with Bruce Van Patter 2004-2005 School Visits

My visit to Franklin Elementary!

Hey Franklin students! Guess what?...
When kids get thinking and drawing, anything can happen. I love to see what ideas come out of such healthy imagination. And Franklin kids have great imaginations!
Creative minds at work!
Here are some of my excellent doodlers hard at work, and here is one of their drawings. This one, by Alex, is so creative! I don't quite know what it is, but it sure is fun.
This story, from the first assembly, had a zebra trying to rescue his stuffed tiger from the clutches of a dinosaur.
And in the second assembly, a tiny teacher tries to teach manners to a beast in the jungle, but his dog is not a very good example.
The Wheel of Fiction chose great directions for us. Thanks to all my "spinners".
So, thanks to all who made the day such fun -- and even more, thanks to the kids for being so ready to create!

Remember... you have great ideas. Share them!

Amazing Stories!

Check out these stories:

The Run for the Wizard's Sundae! A turtle, wanting to be fast enough to get ice cream at a store before it melts, goes to a wizard's castle to get some magic sneakers. The wizard says he can keep them if the turtle brings him a "Wizard Sundae." We had a great time thinking of what would go onto that sundae -- I like the idea of chocolate-covererd moons! YUM!
In this story is a fabulous, original idea: a girl who buys purses and hides them with cool stuff in them so she can surprise herself! I love that idea! In this story, we imagined what might happen if her little brother finds the one with her diary in it. I named it Purses, Foiled Again.
Here's another wonderful idea: a dog who's afraid of mailmen. In Sneaky Pup's Plan, the dog is trying to get a manual in the mail to teach it to not be afraid of postal people, but it's too afraid to be able to get it!
In The Attack of the Alien Barbers, our hero tries to defeat aliens who are cutting off the hair of everyone. (My son, here in the studio, tells me he's read a book like this -- can you believe it?)
What do you do with an alligator who likes to scare people? Scare him back! The animals in the swamp plan to have a mouse drop on him, so they tell him creatures from space are coming to get him! Then when the mouse drops, he learns that it's not much fun to be scared!
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