with Bruce Van Patter 2006-2007 School Visits

My visit to Kingsville Elementary!

Are you ready to see what Kingsville kids can imagine? Here you go!

The assembly stories

The four ingredients: a mouse on a mountain looking for his lost penny up against a tiger!

The story: A mouse has a magic penny. With it, he can wish for his favorite thing: cheese! But that's all the penny can give. All other wishes will still give you cheese. And the bigger you are, the bigger the cheese. So this tiger doesn't know what's just about to happen to him because he's wished for something. That cheese is going to give him a big headache!

The four ingredients: a geek kid with a backpack that can turn into a jet-pack in a mall who wants to see a movie (I think that was the want) with a silly sidekick of a half-guy, half-horse Centaur named Cent. (Whew! That's a lot!)

The story: Our hero is trying to take a girl to the movies. He wants to see the newest action film, "Secret Agent Nerd." He's not sure he can get tickets to the popular movie, so he asks his friend who works at the mall advertising the movies by dressing up as the characters. But when his friend double-crosses him and plans to take the tickets himself, our action-geek zooms into action!

You can't see it in this small image, but I put on the movie signs all the names of our stories below, plus a couple extras.

Assembly monsters!

Here are four doodles transformed into weird creatures by my doodle team in the older assembly:

Workshop fun!

Check out these stories from our 40-minute workshops with the doodles that started them:

What a great doodle we had to start our character: a bully who's actually really good at chess, but he cheats by using a magic chess piece. When his friend -- who always loses to him -- finds it, he turns the table on the bully. Or, I should say, he refuses to be the bully's pawn any more.

Here's another interesting concept: a genie who lives in a pillow! We didn't want to settle for the same old lamp. In our story, the genie comes out when you lean against the pillow and will grant you a wish, but then gets to live in your house as long as you still have the pillow.

In our story, the genie doesn't like the mean kid who asks for a wish, so he's happy when the kid gets sick of the results of his wish and chucks the pillow!

We took a dog who seems to be surprised by what he's hearing and put him in a castle setting. He's competing against a knight dog to find a dragon's bone in an empty castle.

Only I don't think the castle is empty after all!

When we started with a woman who looked like she was shouting, we came up with a mom who works as a caretaker for a run down house at the edge of the jungle. Some bandits want to find something in the house, so they kidnap her kids. She sets out to rescue them, using her voice to confuse them as they hide out in a jungle canyon.

Kingsville kids -- I hope you see how amazing it is when we start using our imaginations. Anything can happen. These stories were all based on your ideas. Remember, you are creative! Don't let your flow of ideas stop!

Thanks to everyone who made this day such a success.

Keep up the good work!

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