with Bruce Van Patter 2009-2010 School Visits

My visit to Lehigh Elementary!

Check out these stories from a fabulous group of kids!

The four ingredients: A giraffe in a forest looking for Abraham Lincoln up against a lion.

The story: The part of this story that was so surprising it made me laugh was Abe Lincoln! That's a first for me! So I thought of a story about a time when President Lincoln went for a walk in the woods a disappeared. Many people had tried to find him, but only a detective giraffe had the sense to look up in the tree. Why did the evil lion trap him? The lion wanted to pretend to be Lincoln and become president himself! I really enjoyed drawing this one.

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The four ingredients: a magical kid who can make teachers disappear in a haunted mansion looking to capture the spirit of a former teacher up against something scary

The story: Wow - what a combination! I think I'm glad that we didn't have a clear idea for the bad guy in this mixture. It gave me the chance to add two things that kept coming up in the workshops - giant hot dogs and flying monkeys! This didn't really have a plot, but it was fun to draw. Did you notice the flying PB&J sandwiches?

Workshop stories

The Torn Paper
A girl is on a strange quest to find her parents. Where are they? Trapped in a newspaper! We ran out of time before we could think through who the bad guy - or bad woman - was who did such a terrible deed. But I love the idea that the piece that was torn off the corner of the paper was the clue to finding the villain.

And since we had thought at one point of hiding a rat inside the rolled up newspaper, so I thought it was a good idea to make rats a part of the drawing.

In Candy Bubbles, we have an interesting combination of magic, candy and medieval times. A kid wants to impress his candy-making father, so he is trying to make an amazing kind of magical candy. But his kid brother messed things up so that the candy is so light, it becomes bubbles and floats out of the window. They land on the king's table. He likes them so much, he sends out his faithful guard, a bulldog, to find more.

What will the kid do? Who knows? But candy bubbles is a fun idea, don't you think? I wonder if they'd be crunchy or chewy.

I unfortunately didn't get a picture of our last workshop, which had a wonderful story about a kid who steals what he thinks is a marble from his wizard teacher's desk, only to find out it's a dragon's eye. And by using it, he summons the dragon to the halls of his abandoned wizards' school. I liked the idea of a dragon that wasn't huge, but more like a big dog, flapping its way through a gloomy hallway. Gives me shivers!

If anyone at the school could take a photo of it, I'd be glad to add it to the page!

It was a fast-paced and fun day. I hope all you Lehigh students enjoyed creating stories. These were interesting stories because of your ideas. This is what happens when you push past your first idea and get to the truly unique ones.

I know you'll write some amazing stories this year!

Keep being creative, and check out the fun stuff on my site!

And teachers, if you're curious about what President Lincoln would look like with different beards, check this out!

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