with Bruce Van Patter 2007-2008 School Visits

My visit to MacAfee Road School!

Check out these stories:

The four ingredients: : A superhero girl at a playground looking for a super dog up against an evil scientist with chemicals.

Story: A girl wishes she had super powers, so she advertises for a dog who can help her get some amazing ability. The dog in the picture picks up the end of the slide so that she will shoot out and up into the air. That makes her happy, but not for long!

An evil scientist is waiting with a giant test tube to capture the new super girl. He wants to somehow extract her powers so that he can rule the world! (Isn't that what all evil geniuses want?)

I tried to make the words add to the zooming effect in the picture.

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The four ingredients: a lion in a playground who wants a book up against a cow.

The story: On the way home from school, this young lion realized he had forgotten his book on the playground. So, he returns to get it. But he's upset to find that a cow has decided to use the book, but not the way books should be used!

She's riding the book down the slide so that she won't get wet from the leftover rain on the sliding board. The lion is right behind her.

I had to add the bunny, who seems to be the only person in the picture who realizes that books are to be read, not ridden on!

Workshop stories

Aliens factored into this story. We started with a boy holding a huge cell phone. As we brainstormed about what the phone could do, we decided it belonged to aliens, but was found by this boy. He thinks it's cool to be able to talk to outer space and impress his friends.

But the aliens want the phone back.

So, here they are, trying to distract the boy - who, according to one smart girl in the workshop, is irresponsible - and grab the phone back while he's not paying attention.

He then will have to track the phone down. I wonder how much a galaxy plan costs for a cell phone?

Today was full of fast-paced fun. We ended the day with an assembly, which is a great way to go out on a high note. If you had fun today, MacAfee kids, don't let the ideas stop now. Keep going! Write your own stories and show them to your friends and family. That's how you'll get the most fun out of your imaginations!

I like how this doodle of a guy has a present hiding behind his back. We talked about the present and what it might be. We came up with a story about a guy and Prankster School. But there were two ideas about what could happen in the story.

The one idea is that he wants to get into Prankster School, so he has to pull a prank that will impress everyone enough to let him attend.

The other idea is that he is the top student in the school. He's so good at playing pranks that none of the other students want to be around him. So he decides to give the other kids a gift - a nice gift. But they're so afraid, they don't know that the little Chihuahua is just a nice little dog. Gee, maybe I should have given him a handshake buzzer.

I hope all you MacAfee Road kids had as much fun as I did. There was a lot of energy and ideas coming out of you all. Use those ideas, channel that energy into your stories.

Thanks for a great day!

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