with Bruce Van Patter 2006-2007 School Visits

My visit to Marlborough Elementary!

On Day Two of my visit to Upper Perkiomen, I spent the day imagining stories with the kids at Marlborough Elementary School. Fun, fun, fun!

The assembly drawings

The four ingredients: a goldfish in the mountains wants a home up against an alligator

The story: An alligator is going from door to door saying that he will clean goldfish bowls, but he has to take them with him to clean them. But he's just trying to trick people. He actually takes them up into the mountains to eat the fish! This goldfish escapes just in time by leaping into the nearby falls.

I have to say, I think this is one of my all-time favorite drawings. But I wish I had found a picture of a godlfish, because I don't think he looks enough like one.

The four ingredients: a grandma wants a key in a grocery store and is up against a robber who wants a time machine to go back into the time of the dinosaurs!

The story: This story has a great hero: a grandmother who invents a time machine, but hides it in her grocery store. When a thief steals her key to start the machine, she uses the only thing she has handy to stop him: oranges!

The workshop stories

This story has a really interesting idea: a scarecrow comes to life by being touched by a magic crow. The scarecrow loves his new freedom, but the farmer wants him to be turned back into a scarecrow! So here is the farmer, waiting in the corn, jumping out with the magic crow, which he has caught.

I don't think the scarecrow is happy to see the bird!

In this story, a poodle finds that her golden hairbrush is missing and goes off to find the thief. What she discovers is that next door to her, a wizard dog is planning on controlling all the neighborhood dogs with a magic formula he's making. From every dog, he has collected a hair. When he adds it to his potion, he will be able to control that dog and by the dogs, control the neighborhood.

Our hero poodle is putting a snag into his plans by grabbing hold of his fur -- rather painfully -- to pull him away from dropping her hair in.

Afterward, I wish I had entitled this: "Oh Where Is My Hairbrush?" after the funny Veggietales song.

And finally, here's a story about a princess lamb who lives high in a castle. I asked the kindergartners who were making up this story what she was looking at, and they said, "A magic ladybug." This bug grants her a wish. She wishes she has wings, so she can fly down and play with the other kids.

But when she does, she surprises them. It isn't every day one sees a flying sheep! They run off and their ball rolls down to a grumpy bear. She swoops down to grab it.

In the end, they all play a game together, even the bear. She had to invite him because she knew what it was like to be lonely.

Today was not just about my drawings. It was about your ideas. And I was so impressed by how creative you Marlborough kids are. So many of you had fun ideas to share, like Emily and Sam did about the books they're writing together. Just like them, share your ideas with others. It's a wonderful way to keep your imagination flowing.

This is the cover of one of stories
written and illustrated by the team of
Emily and Sam.

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