with Bruce Van Patter 2006-2007 School Visits

My visit to Maugansville

This is such a welcoming school. So many people put time and effort into getting my presentation set up and ready to go. Thanks to everyone who made the day possible. We had a very creative time and the stories were exceptional!

The assembly drawings

Check out these stories:

The four ingredients: a cow at a waterfall, looking for fruit, up against a dragon

The story: Our cow hero likes to bake. One day, she notices in the river that flows by her house some funny cherries. They're furry cherries! She peels them and bakes them in cookies. They're wonderful! She decides to go into the mountain and find the tree from where they came.

Here, she is finding the tree and is walking across a bridge to get to it, not knowing that the bridge is the tail of the dragon that guards the tree!

In the end, I think her cookies will win him over and he's let her have more of the furry fruit!

The four ingredients: a clown in a dungeon looking for a winged monkey with a silly side-kick of another winged monkey in a cheese costume!

The story: This poor Jester thought it would be really funny to give the king a giant piece of cheese and have a winged monkey pop out. The king didn't think it was funny at all. Now the Jester is in the dungeon.

But he has a plan. He lures over the guard -- another winged monkey -- and gives him the cheese. The little monkey pops out again, grabs the key, and finds he knows the guard personally!

I think it's funny that two kids thought separately of winged monkeys!

The workshop stories

In an old abandoned house, some pets live alone, without a master. They decide to change that and invite over an old man who loves animals. They all compete to see which one of them will get adopted as the man's pet. But none of the animals know how to make the right sounds!

We took a while to get started in this story. I especially want to thank the girl who drew the snake. She didn't get my usual enthusiastic praise because we were still trying to find a main character, but her snake was cool -- and ended up being an important part of the story. Thanks!

This story had some wonderful details to the plot which I can't fully describe here. The tale has to do with an island which is surrounded by a wall which can only be opened by this jewel. There are two girls competing to see who will be the queen of the kids who live on the island.

And there's a scheming boy who is trying to get rid of them both!

A wonderful story!

Kindergarten and First Grade Writers

In this story, a black lab goes on an adventure, but a mouse who likes to play tricks on him goes, too. The dog wants to meet a lion. The mouse thinks it would be fun to make fun of the lion. Just when the lion is getting really angry, the dog tries to catch the mouse with a frantic "dance." The lion thinks this is very funny. I had the kids do a Catch-a-Mouse dance along with me. Now, THAT was funny!

Though the workshops were only open to a limited group of students, all of you Maugansville kids have great stories to tell. It's not hard to get a story started. Just begin with an interesting character and send him or her on an adventure. Through in an interesting setting, want and a problem. And there you go!

Whatever kind of story you like to write, make sure you show it to others. Creativity is meant to be shared.

Keep being creative, and check out the fun stuff on my site!

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