Picture prompts: another great writing resource for kids

A downloadable book for home or classroom!

The Mystery of The Monkey Mummy
A downloadable book of picture prompts

Picture prompts are popular! This is the second collection of my favorite drawings to help kids invent stories.

Your young writers will love these drawings! How do I know? All these illustrations were put to paper in front of live audiences of kids -- the very ones who helped to invent the stories! You'll find in these pages magical fish, circus dogs, dragons, aliens, superheroes, and much more -- all captured in detailed, exciting line drawings.

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Accompanying the drawings are helpful pre-writing worksheets. The worksheets are easy to use and written with simple vocabulary. They'll help kids work through their story ideas before starting. But they're also optional. You may find your writers can jump in just by pouring over the picture. Either way, these picture prompts will be a great way to add some fun into children's writing.

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My first book of picture prompts, full of the same detailed, kid-friendly illustrations and simple pre-writing worksheets.

This is a popular book with teachers and parents who want to get their kids writing!

Text and art © 2007 Bruce Van Patter
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