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Odd museums

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Real, strange museums. Or... really strange museums.

These are all actual museums around the country. I'm not counting any "Internet Museums", since anyone can take a few pictures and make a site. It's much harder to make an actual museum. You have to be seriously into the thing you're collecting to put them in a building and open it to the public.

Lunchbox Museum, Salem, AL -- with over 2000 lunchboxes, hopefully without any ancient baloney sandwiches

Frog Fantasies Museum, Eureka Springs, AK -- with over 6000 items with frogs on them

Barbie Hall of Fame, Palo Alto, CA -- not many boy visitors, I would think

Banana Museum, Altadena, CA -- with such items as a petrified banana and a banana phone. It also has a banana club with over 9000 members

Phosphate Museum, Mulberry, FL -- Mulberry, apparently, is the phosphate capitol of the world. Who knew?

Mushroom Museum, Kennett Square, PA -- this one I've seen. Dedicated to the mushroom farmer, set in the mushroom capitol of the world.

McDonald's Museum, Des Plaines, IL -- but can we see baby pictures of Ronald?

Museum of Bad Art, Dedham, MA -- I'm longing to see Elvis playing dogs in poker. On velvet.

Carhenge, Alliance, NE -- just like Stonehenge, but with gray-painted cars instead of stones

International Checker Hall of Fame, Petal, MS -- just a double-jump away

Cockroach Hall of Fame, Plano,TX -- just in case you wanted to see dead roaches dressed in costumes

Have any you'd like me to add? Let me know