with Bruce Van Patter 2005-2006 School Visits

My visit to Paradise Elementary!

(in Thomasville, PA)

Isn't it fun to look over the shoulder of a kid who's creating something? Well, this page is to do just that. You can look over the fun kids had making up stories and watching me draw them. And the students at Paradise were ready to imagine!

Kids were started and guided all the ideas we did today. This is one of my teams from the assemblies, all creative kids!

Two country tales:

Each assembly had a fun story that took place on a farm. In this one, a brave lamb tries to stop a fire-breathing dragon. Hey, kids, look for my new character Farley (also a sheep) in the background. In my new book, Farley Found It, he's always lurking in the background.

Then in the second assembly, a female evil-scientist farmer -- now THAT's a combination! -- has invented a smart cow, which has invented a smart robot cow in order to take over the farm. First the farm, then the world! (Insert evil laugh here.) The woman has only one way to protect herself: stinky cheese! Does that make her the stinky cheese woman?

Art is never work... it's fun!

All kinds of drawings came out of today. Some started with doodles. Others came from brainstorming stories. Kids drew the ones above. Hunter did the elephant-dragon. Another girl drew the elegant woman on the right. And then, of course, I added my own drawings into the mix. But they all came from ideas of students. Students were in the driver's seat of the stories all day.

Hey, Paradise kids -- you were a great audience! Thanks for all your fantastic ideas.

Don't let the fun stop now. Keep making up stories and drawings, and remember to share them with others. You need an audience, even if it's just one person.

Why not try out some of the activities I have right here on my site? You can find a list of them at fun stuff. Remember, if you want a great idea, have lots of ideas!

Ready, set... imagine!

Check out these stories:

I love making stories with kindergarten kids. In this tale, we started with a fox who wears a Davy Crockett-type adventure hat. He decides to sneak into a sleeping bear's den and steal his honey! Bad fox! But you can see that the bear is waking up. Looks like trouble.

But it all works out. The bear actually likes to wake up for a midnight snack, but never has anyone to share it with. Do you like his idea of a food treat? The fox did.

In Which Hole, an angry boy (you can see the doodle we were working with in a picture on the left) is searching for his missing girlfriend in holes in his back yard. But what a yard! It has acres and acres of forest. And to make it more interesting, in the forest is a creature who digs holes. In one hole might be his girlfriend, or it might be the creature!

Here's another story that's fun. In this one, an elf has a stick that looks like a walking stick, but can actually fly along the ground. This elf is trying to go to a human school, but a bully wants to know about the stick. When he throws it outside in the rain, the elf realizes it won't work any more (it can't get wet, you see). So he sets off into the forest to buy another. The bully follows and somehow buys the last one, but isn't ready for the wild ride he's about to get. Here you can see the elf trying to save the bully.

And in this story, a young man is looking for the person who took his lute. He tries to sneak in and get it back from the girl who stole it, but her dog is trained to attack. The young musician is trying to sooth the beast with his song.

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