with Bruce Van Patter 2010-2011 School Visits

My visit to Pennell Elementary!

Check out these stories:

The four ingredients: a rabbit in a park looking for his friend, the frog, up against a lion

The story: what a great name our hero has! He's a bunny who wants to be a superhero. He runs around the park, trying to figure out who is causing all the trouble. He doesn't know it's a lion who is pretending to be one of the great stone lions at the entrance of the park.

But his trusty friend, the frog, is able to discover the lion is the bad guy. So the lion wants to get the frog and keep him from telling his secrets.

Mr. McBunnyman figures out a way to teach the lion a lesson. He tells him to walk on the lillypads over to the frog. Of course, he sinks when he tries it. The frog and the bunny save him and the lion never again causes trouble in the park.

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The four ingredients: a queen in the house of a science kid who invented a time machine wants a friend and is up against a little boy detective.

The story: This poor queen has been brought into a modern house by the boy inventor, who keeps her hidden from the outside world while he thinks of a way to send her back.

The only neighbor who notices her is a little boy next door who sees her through the window. He tells his parents, but they don't believe him. So he sets out to discover what is really going on.

Why does that make him a bad guy? He doesn't want to help the princess. He only wants to prove to his parents that he's right!

Workshop stories

Here's a nice switch -- a girl inventor. The kids in this workshop thought she was an evil scientist who invented robots. One of her best inventions was a robot dog. The other was her collection of mini-minions -- little robots who would do her bidding.

The robot dog, one day, runs off because he doesn't like her evil plans. He comes back and tries to steal the box of minions.

But he's unable to escape from the basement. So he hides and waits. The girl wonders whats happened to her box of minions.

Then one day, she sneaks in and quickly turns on the light. Aha! So THAT's who took my little robots!

I wonder who will win the minions!

I love this doodle on the right of a little magical guy who can make himself transport into cookie jars. He does this to steal cookies for famous cookie parties he has. He's good at transporting, but he's so afraid of getting stuck in the darkness of a cookie jar. And he's terrified by the dogs that always seem to know he's in the house.

One day, he decides that for his girlfriend's birthday, he'd make the toughest cookie grab ever.

He'll go into the kitchen of a famous cookie baker and steal his most famous invention. What he doesn't know is that his girlfriend is after the cookie, too!

That's why the jar lid is so hard to lift.

But neither of them is paying attention to Chips, the guard dog!

Maybe neither of them will get away with their chocolate chip prize. That's the way the cookie crumbles!

Our main character in this third grade story is a lizard who has to babysit two young lizards. He's not interested in babysitting. He wants to be a hero and save someone. He also wants to impress a girl lizard.

He takes the two lizard kids to the circus and while he's bragging to the girl lizard about how brave he is, the kids disappear!

Where did they go? Up on the trapeze! He goes to save them, but a clown tries to save him from doing something just as dangerous. Maybe in the end, those kids are the ones he rescues and he becomes a hero, after all!

Wonderful ideas were flowing all day. We had great story ideas and great artists working, like the girl on the right.

Pennell kids have amazing imaginations! Keep working on your stories, and remember, no everyone-ideas! The best stories come when you do some brainstorming first.

My thanks to all the kids and parents who came back to the evening show. We had the most people I've ever had at an evening presentation. What a great time we had!

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