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A new assembly program
designed to inspire
your students to
write persuasive

Persuasive writing can be fun!

Why persuasive writing?

State standardized tests require students to be able to write persuasively. Rightly so -- the ability to be able to make a clearly stated appeal or argument is a key life skill. The problem is, for many kids it's tedious. That's why I've brought my creative energy to this area. After helping 100,000 kids understand and get excited about narrative writing, I'm turning my motivational spotlight on persuasive writing!

What is the content?

As in my creative writing presentation, I bring an assembly program and following smaller workshops. In the assembly, students will learn the basics elements of a persuasive essay:

• making a strong position or claim in the introduction
• supporting the statement with at least three reasons in the body
• providing an action step in the conclusion

They'll also learn about the various forms persuasive writing can take: reviews, ads, travel brochures, speeches, letters to the editor, and position essays. I know how to make this fun! The content will be imbedded in a colorful PowerPoint show filled with original artwork, followed by audience participation. And as I always do, I'll end the time together with an impromptu drawing. The kids will leave pumped up to write their own persuasive piece!

But there's more! In the grade-level workshops that follow, we'll go over the material from the assembly in a fresh, unique and unpredictable way. We'll be making random connections and inventing wild topics to make Top 10 Reasons lists for both pro and con.

Then, as the group guides, I'll draw yet another live illustration to leave behind as a reminder of the fun we have together. Your students are going to love the energy and laughter our ideas will generate!


How much does it cost?

$1000 for an assembly and three grade-level workshops.
(Plus the cost of a hotel the night before.)

Your school will get:

"Bruce did an awesome assembly! The kids were totally involved in the process. The steps of persuasive writing demonstrated by Bruce made the writing process seem so easy and manageable."

Mrs. A. Sudan, Bucher Elem.
Lancaster, PA

- an assembly for 3rd-5th or 4th-6th grades
- three grade level workshops
- three original poster-sized drawings for the school to keep
- a handout with key reminders on one side; the assembly drawing on the other
- kids motivated to write persuasively!

"I want to commend you for your work and effort in preparing your new persuasive assembly and workshop for our older students. It was truly amazing how you integrate your creative flair into the persuasive argument."

Michael D. Morgan, principal
Northern Potter County School

After my day in your school, your students will be excited about persuasive writing!

Book a day or get more information. This is a day that can help your kids test higher!