By Bruce Van Patter

Creative writing programs for kids, teachers and parents

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Writing can be fun!

I am dedicated to inspiring kids to write and think creatively. That's what my school visits are all about. I've been to over 250 schools and worked with nearly 100,000 students. I believe in the power of kids' imaginations, and work very hard to give students a taste of the fun of generating an original idea.

In my travels, I've discovered that there are two other groups of people involved with kids who also need creative encouragement: parents and teachers.

So I've developed evening programs that schools can use to reach out to parents. And I offer in-service programs for teachers. All of my programs combine practicality with inspirational fun. I think creativity is a blast, and I want all my sessions to leave you feeling the same.

Want to know the cost?

If you still have questions, feel free to email me.

I offer schools a wonderful whole day of creative writing motivation, with an assembly program followed by grade-level brainstorming workshops. To learn about these, start with my overview.

"He inspired my students to let their ideas loose and take risks in their writing."
Kristin Boyce, Woodside School, River Vale, NJ

Parents can learn practical ways to help their children make up stories in the home with my program, How to Invent Stories With Your Kids. It's fun for kids and adults alike! Email me for more information.

"Great program! Wonderful speaker -- had a great connection with the kids.. thank you for a great night." a parent in Maryland

Teachers frequently ask me for tips on making writing fun for their students. I have many engaging ideas that I can pass on to your elementary teaching staff. Let me inspire you to inspire your kids! Again, Email me and I can give you more details.

"The workshop was fantastic.. an excellent presentation. He offered many ideas on ways to help our students develop their own creativity. He makes writing a real motivating and enjoyable experience."

Kathleen Blakley, Reading Specialist, Dubois Area Schools
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