with Bruce Van Patter 2007-2008 School Visits

My visit to Royersford Elementary!

Here's another great day I had in the Spring-ford school district -- the land of creative kids!

The assembly drawings

Check out these stories:

The four ingredients: A gorilla on a mountain looking for a friend up against a mountain lion

The story:
A gorilla has traveled far and wide to find a friend, but everywhere he goes, people think he's mean just because he's strong. So he ends up on a lonely mountain. At least he thinks he's lonely. Soon a mountain lion comes to tell him to leave, but the gorilla saves him from a falling boulder! This story has some rock and roll!

The four ingredients: A superhero and his sidekick dog in a fiery cave up against a woman.

The story:
A boy has been pretending he's a superhero. Nobody believes him - maybe because his costume is all home-made. But when he sees fire coming out of a cave, he and his trusty dog, Sniffles, set off to see if he can stop the fire.

He doesn't expect to be locked in battle with a real, fire-blasting evil superhero woman! Or that his faithful sidekick would have other things on his mind… or in his stomach.

The workshop stories

A princess has been using her dog as an excuse for not completing her homework. What she doesn't know is that her dog isn't chewing up her papers. He's studying them.

The dog has one true friend - a boy in the village near the castle. He snatches the papers to keep the dog from being discovered reading. The dog tracks down the papers, the princess tracks down the dog!

In all my years of doing stories in schools, I don't think I've ever done a camel story, especially not one wearing sunglasses! Our story has a camel who can sculpt things out of sand.

When he digs up a magic scorpion, he asks that the sand camel he's created become real. But sand friends don't last long at the beach. Good thing the scorpion wants to be his real friend.

When a girl's magic potion turns up missing, she has to find it before something terrible happens. The potion can transform people into creatures, but whoever stole it forgot to take the instructions. It turns out the thief is a neighborhood boy who wants to turn his little brother into a mouse and keep him in a cage. It looks like he used too many drops!

Here's a picture of me working with the afternoon kindergarten kids. I found all the Royersford students were brimming with ideas and were eager to share them. What a great day!

I hope everyone at the school had as much fun as I did. Remember to keep being creative. You have great ideas -- share them!

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