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Create your own Sea Serpent

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Creatures of the Deep!

This is a simple way to randomly create your own sea creature. All you'll need is a piece of large paper (I used 11" X 17"), a pencil and three people.

Step One

Fold your paper in thirds. Make two marks over each fold in the middle of the paper. These will show how wide the creature will be for each of the artists. Then fold back the paper so that only one panel shows at a time.

If you don't have paper that big, use 8 1/2" by 14". But I'd suggest not going all the way down to normal copier size, 8 1/2" X 11", because it just doesn't allow for much room to create.

Step Two

Without the other two artists seeing, the first artist creates the head of the sea serpent. I've shown here what my idea was. It's got a little saber-tooth thing going, but I had intended it to have a walrus feel. With other elements thrown into it.

This section should have the head and front fins or flippers, or can simply have a snake-like body, but it must end at the marked lines.

Step Three

Turn the page over, so that artist #2 can do the middle section without seeing the front of the animal. This is my daughter Grace's addition. I encouraged her to put in details, so she added stripes and dots. It helped to have a book of sea animals open for inspiration.

This section can have a fin on top or below or in the middle, or all three! And this middle part has to meet the marks on both sides of the page.

It's important to have the randomness of not knowing the other sea serpent sections. So, no peeking!

Step Four

The tail, then, gets added by your third and final artist, again without seeing the other drawings. My wife joined us at this point to add a tail. Tails can be like a dolphin (side-to-side), or a shark (up-and-down), or like one of the many, many kinds of fish.

Again, the tail can have a bit of body added -- my wife put those nice stripes on -- but it must start at the marks.

Want to see what our sea serpent looks like all together?

Beware our monster of the deep!

What a marvelous creature -- sure to cause even hearty sailors to tremble... with giggles.

Now that you have the creature, why not write a story about it!

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