Seeing with your imagination: Seeing Double
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Warm-up #2: Seeing Double?

Tell me what this is.

A tree, right?

But what if it's not a tree? What else could it be? How about a cloud, raining just a little. Or the back of a woman's head. Or the back of a sheep!

This little exercise is a great way to get your eyes connected to your creative mind.

Try these shapes below. What could they be?
1. 2. 3. 4.
5. 6. 7. 8.

Before you check out my ideas, have you thought of some yourself? Remember, there are many possibilities -- as many as imaginations can create! So if you've thought of your own answers, check out mine. And if you have ones I didn't put, why not email me with your ideas? I'll add them!

Here are the answers:

1. Looks like a donut. But maybe it's a birds-eye view of a fat, bald man!

2. A ladder or a soda-machine's view of a quarter.

3. An ice-cream cone with holes? A slice of pepperoni pizza? A strange alien's face?

4. A bow tie or two birds with their beaks stuck in a berry.

5. A pie-chart or a worm's-eye view of a bird.

6. A sunrise between two mountains, or two letter A's bending a bar, or another bald man at his own surprise birthday party.

7. A zipper, a toothy mouth, or a giraffe walking by a window.

8. A wave, a girl's wet hair, or a monkey's hand squeezing a grape!

Hope you can see all those. Maybe you can see other things. That's the fun of this game: there are no end to the possibilities!

Here are a few new ideas from an email from Catherine Leary: 1. A cheerio, a wheel, an eye, or a button. 2. A broken candy cane, a straw, or a bracelet. 4. A drape on a window or a sand clock. 5. Two pieces of cake left on a plate or a bird's foot stepping on a stone. 6. Two birds chirping because they laid an egg. 7. A broken railroad track. 8. A fist

Here are a few new ideas from an email from Samantha Postupack: 1. A bird's-eye view of a guy in a sombrero. 2. A binding off a book. 3. A slice of watermelon 4. An enevelope with a sticker sealing it. 5. Two slices of pizza left in a pie. 6. Two party hats with candles lit on a birthday cake in the background. 7. A palm tree bending outside a window. 8. A wrestler's sweaty fist getting ready to punch someone
Here are a few new ideas from an email from Domenic Basile: 1. An end view of a white colored pencil 2. A bird's eye view of a section of sidewalk. 3. The remains of campfires in a triangular firepit 4. A pair of fish pulling on a pea. 5. Mrs. Pacman putting on her lipstick 6. Aprons hanging out to dry. 7. Tire tracks 8. A wet hand flinging water.
Here are a few new ideas from an email from Alicia:

1. An owl's eye.  It could also be a chubby kid with his head tossed back and singing at the top of his lungs--the big circle is his face and the little circle is his mouth.

2. A paper towel roll that is empty.  It could also be the pictures in someone's wallet (you know, the kind that parents whip out and show a gazillion pics of their kids!)
3. Mickey mouse parachuting!  It could also be a sunrise, with the triangular part being the sun's reflection and the three dots could be big boulders.
4. Gift wrapping, or two fish kissing a pearl.  It could also be the hinge part of a child's toy dump truck, with the circle being the hinge--the other lines around it can indicate movement of the top piece.  It can also be the top view of a spider that got smushed.
5. Pac-man with a ginormous smile!  (Look at those pearly whites!) It could also be a Trivial Pursuit game piece.
6. could be two tee-pees at sunrise? 
7. An aerial view of a parking lot!  It could also be a kid's mouth opening at the dentist right before getting braces or big, stumpy fingers, moving together to pray.  It could be the inside view of the whales mouth that Job had when he looked out after being swallowed by it.
8. A boxer's hand after winning a fight.  It could also be a guy with a "bowl-shaped" haircut while he is running a marathon and sweating--the dark circle is his eye slightly shut and he looks tired--his hair is partially covering his eye.

And here are ideas from Mr. Andersen's 4th Grade, at Ashland Park - Robbins Elementary in Omaha, NE

1. Looking down onto a funnel, a UFO, the top of a tornado

2. Bike tire, dog tunnel (like what you'd see on ESPN during the dog competitions), bamboo stick

3. A bird's skull, pool balls in a rack, bowling balls ready to be used for bowling (The machine that holds the balls with the conveyor belt???)

4. Mouth buttoned shut, bird's eye view of a person falling down a waterfall, worm's eye view of a parachuter

5. Pacman shooting a laser/arrow, a bird's beak sucking out the juice from a berry

6. A vampire's mouth, the boogeyman's tongue's view of its frightened meal, Coneheads listening to a radio on high

7. Two gears, bird's eye view of a neighborhood, a stretched out waffle

8. Sandman's hand, Poseidon's hand (from “The Lightening Thief”) in water, Hair in a curling iron

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