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Sparks: free writing lesson emails
Sparks: Year One Collection
The Limerick Challenge
tips on brainstorming with kids
Keep Kids Creative Week

writing acitivities

Mugshots writing activity
Build a Hero writing activity
Story Kitchen writing activity
Wacky Headlines writing activity
Creative Times headline maker
Invent a World writing activity
Kid Tales writing activity
Round Robin Stories activity
Wordless Cartoons writing activity
Write Your Own Cartoons collection
Fortune Cookie stories

drawing acitvities

DaVinci Doodles
first grade sample doodles
Drawing from nature
tips on cartooning
make a crazy sea monster

parent helps

Magic of Making Stories:
- Why kids don't create
- Reading aloud
- Share your own stories
- Basic plots
Round Robin Stories activity
Wacky Headlines writing activity
Creative Times headline maker
Seeing with your imagination
Historical examples
Cloud shapes
Seeing double
What can it be?
Scavenger Hike activity
Town Treasure Hunt activity
Indoor forts
Adventures in Graceland
Write Your Own Cartoon collection
tips on brainstorming with kids
food art
The Limerick Challenge
looking at paintings with kids
using paintings to start stories
a list of essential childhood experiences
Brueghel's painting of children's games
a guide to silent movie comedies
Keep Kids Creative Week


Feast On!
That's One Super Question
Art That's Bold and Cold
The Perfect Peanut Butter Partner
Plotting Romance
The Day of the Sparkly Castle
Finding New Ways to Be a Kid
An Audience of One
Lessons from Dr. Seuss
Yellow Snowflakes
Creatve Free-fall
The Voice in the Toy
A Plug for Unplugging
In the Field of Play
A Legacy of Limericks
Making Museums Fun
Backyard Basics
Open Roads, Open Minds
The Man Who Played with Perceptions
Cartoon Characters
Chalk It Up
Walled Gardens
The Nine Lives of Copycats
Tire-Swing Time Machines
What Guests Leave Behind
A Turn for the Verse
A School Year's Resolution
In the Mind's Eye: Books Vs. Movies
To Boldly Go
Fortune Cookies
Tasting Excellence
Keep a Puppet on Hand
Surprising Angles

It's Like This
Pirates in Our Living Room
Keep Me In Suspense
Listening in Layers
Background Music
Sunny Side Up
The Boy Behind the Wardrobe
It's a Snap!
How to Catch a Lightbulb
Tale of the Tape
Adventure on the Air
Lessons from Norman Rockwell
Wrestle Ball
Blanket Forts
The Frame Game
The Man with the Big Picture
Getting Unstuck
Read-Aloud Movies
Animation Nation
April Fools
Mysteries and Monsters
Ifs, Ands or Butts
Let's Put Our Hands Together
Seeking Beauty
A Cartoon Hero
Hunting for Surprises
Keeping Loose
The Five Senses of Summer
Outdoor Stories
A Recharged Battery
Reading Between the Lines
Jack of All Trades or Master of One?
Seeing the Aha! in Ha-Ha!

Things that amuse me

how to juggle
new way to look at constellations
art monkeys
strange ways people greet each other
great guy films
odd museums
mythical American animals
strange inventions
the mystery of Lincoln's beard

Great Creators

C.S. Lewis
Edward Lear
Norman Rockwell
M.C. Escher

Keep Kids Creative Week

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