with Bruce Van Patter 2006-2007 School Visits

My visit to Stony Brook School's fourth grade!

It's great fun working with one grade, and the fourth grade at Stony Brook School was a wonderful grade with which to work. Take a look at these stories. First, here's one from the assembly:

The four ingredients: an animal trainer in a tree who wants socks up against a baker

The story: I'm not sure I like our main character. He's so hungry for these special cookies -- shaped like socks and each one is hand decorated by the baker -- that he has chased her up a tree! And now, he's making his trained attack-squirrels go after the cookies for her.

I guess she was baking up the wrong tree!

And now, I present the stories from the workshops:

A cat as a lion tamer? Of course! He can speak the lion's language. Here, he keeps the lion's doing tricks by telling them jokes. When he tries to run off to find himself a family, the lions won't let him go.

After I wrote the title, I thought of a better one: Roaring with Laughter!

Here's one chubby bunny. Maybe that's why his name is Chubby Bunny. He lives in a park in a city and is tired of the other rabbits making fun of him.

So, he sets off across the road into an alley, where he finds a hole in a wall in which to live. Unfortunately, the two rabbits who enjoy making fun of him follow him to continue the mocking. When a mean dog shows up too, he has a tough choice to make!

I think Chubby will step in to save his friends, don't you?

You may wonder what this thing is that's hanging off the back of our main character's head on the right. We brainstormed lots of ideas before thinking that he was a very confident real-estate agent who is trying to sell a mansion that everyone thinks is haunted!

In fact, the house isn't haunted. All the creaks and groans and, in this case, ghostly sounds are being made by another real-estate agent who wants to win the house-selling contest instead of our hero!

I liked trying to get the final drawing of the guy capture the look and self-confidence of the guy in the sketch. By the way, the kid who drew him said he thought it was an 80's guy!

After telling my duck joke in hundreds of schools, a student named Thomas surprised me in the hall by being the first kid to actually offer me grapes! It made me laugh. So, thanks for the grapes. They were delicious.

What a fun day! And Stony Brook fourth graders, if you like these drawings, remember, they come from your ideas.

You really do have great imaginations! I hope you'll keep using them by putting them down on paper and sharing them with others.

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