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Strange Inventions

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Strange But True Inventions

With over six million patents in the U.S. alone, there are bound to be a few that make us scratch our head and wonder, "What were they thinking?" Here are a few; I've illustrated my favorites. I'm not sure exactly how some of them work -- I've invented a little as I've drawn them. I used my artistic license.

Think those were strange? How about these actual patented inventions?

Flying Chicken Plane -- just like it sounds, it's a plane in the shape of a giant chicken
Dad Saddle -- for when little kids "ride horsey" on their dad's back
Dining Table Dishwasher -- Finished dinner? Just open the table and put the dishes in.
Poodle Earrings -- for the next time your dog wants to look classy (ear-piercing required)
Sneaker with Hoop -- each sneaker has a tiny litttle basketball hoop on the back. Can ants dunk?
Talking Dog Collar -- with recorded messages, it sounds like your dog is talking! Sort of.
Santa Detector -- it's a stocking with an alarm that sounds when the stocking is filled
Composition for Attracting Flies -- this had to be patented? The flies I know aren't very picky.
Bird Diaper -- honey, isn't it your turn to change the parakeet?
Automated Hot Dog Stick -- it's got a little cage on the end to keep the dog from falling into the fire.
Dog Dust Cover -- ahh, but it's so much fun to vaccuum pets! (Just kidding! Don't email!)
Self-warming Ice Cream Scoop -- it's got a little cavity to put in a bic lighter. Hot idea!
Time Pop -- combination watch and lollipop holder. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
Meat Goldfish -- a meat-jerky snack that can be eaten, OR -- get this -- used for BAIT! Yum!

And did you know?
Abraham Lincoln held a patent. He invented a way to keep large boats afloat.

all material ©2004 Bruce Van Patter

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