hat's a hungry goat to do?

My new book follows the adventures of an energetic goat, determined to satisfy his empty stomach. Nobody on the farm is safe from his sneaky ways, not even Mrs. Zook! Following the same repeating pattern of Farley Found It, this book should delight even the youngest of readers.

These pages were created to give you background into the making of Tucker Took It and help you to use the book with children.

Teachers and librarians! Get discussion questions and an activity sheet you can print off to use with students.

Read more about how the book came about! (Spoiler alert: read this page only after reading the book!)

See illustrations from the first book from Mrs. Zook's farm, Farley Found It!

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The first of the adventures on Mrs. Zook's farm. Given an Original Voice by Borders Books!

Goata Lisa
Vincent Van Goat

American Goathic

You only need to read a few pages to see that Tucker Took It is a "corny" book. When it came to finding corn to draw, I didn't have to travel far! Farms with cornfields are all around my central Pennsylvania town.

In fact, I asked a farmer friend if I could come over and take pictures of his corn. He thought that was a little strange. When I started to put up my step ladder inside one of his fields, he thought I was really strange!

But I wanted to paint one scene looking down on corn and knew I couldn't just make that up out of my head. The photos I took were a great help.

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