with Bruce Van Patter 2011-2012 School Visits

My visit to Wellsville Elementary!

Check out these stories:

The four ingredients: a clumsy medal -winning track star in the Queen of England's kitchen looking for her pet dragon up against a ninja

The story: that is one crazy combination! I decided the story should be about our track star, named Rosetta Tuff, trying to rescue her pet dragon from the kitchen of a ninja chef. He wants to make dragon soup for the Queen.

How can Rosetta save her pet? By distracting the chef by throwing him her medal!

I had a good time adding details over lunch, putting in the queen and an assistant chef rat.

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The four ingredients: a dog police officer on the ocean looking for a sea monster, up against a cat.

The story: our hero is a guard at an ocean park. The park is the home of a sea creature, and the dog's job is to make sure nobody bothers the creature.

A sneaky cat has come in and promised to be the lonely creature's friend if the monster promises to bring him fish. That's not what a good friend does!

So the dog is tryig to get the cat to tell him where the sea monster is. It looks like he's about to find out!

Workshop stories

I'm always happy when I have to draw something I've never tried before. This was one of those times. I can honestly say that I have never drawn a bird with a gourd stuck on his head! That sketch was a wonderful way to start our story.

This bird wants to hang out with his friends, but they are bothered by how clumsy he is. He always is crashing into things and everyone has to help him. So, when he crashes into a gourd and gets his head stuck, they are all annoyed. Even worse, a mean kid shows up. He likes to squash the gourds in the garden where they live.

Imagine his surprise when one of the gourds he's about to stomp on flies up and yells at him! Our bird friend is the hero of the day!

In this tale, a lonely nerd teenager has been trying to make potions. He especially wants to get a girl to stop being a bully in their neighborhood. So, to add an interesting ingredient, he tries dropping in a strange acorn he finds in the park.

The potion makes her nicer. But the bad thing is that she ends up liking HIM! This is not what he wanted! He wasn't looking for a girlfriend!

Back he goes to the pile of acorns in the park. He knows there is one that just might create the antidote for the potion, but he can't figure out which one it is.

Not only that, but the acorns belong to an alien squirrel, who is not happy about people stealing his energy acorns!

In this story, we have a boy mermaid, who is almost a grown merman, but he has no diamonds in his tail. That's what the mer-people get when they do something brave or kind. The princess of the mer-people doesn't pay him any attention because of it.

So he sets out to find her missing necklace. It turns out that it is being guarded by the giant crab. His best friend tells him where it is. Our hero goes to wrestle the crab for the necklace.

But while our hero tackles the crab, his friend takes the necklace! That's just not nice!

If these drawings turned out well, it was because I was inspired by the great ideas of the kids at Wellville. They truly do have wonderful story ideas.

It was great fun working with you all today. Thanks for sharing your ideas with me!

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