with Bruce Van Patter 2010-2011 School Visits

My visit to Woodland School!

The Assembly Story

The four ingredients: a turtle named Tom on a snowy mountain looking for a snowball up against a pig

The story: Tom is a turtle who always loses in snowball fights. He can't make a good snowball. They always break apart.

He has heard that high in the mountains lives the abominable snowpig, who has an amazing snowball. When you throw it, it will splat and then form itself up again. Tom thinks it's the perfect answer to his needs!

So, up he goes into the high mountains. It takes him a while but he finally finds the cave of the snowpig. How does he get the snowball? He sees it right near the pig, but Tom isn't brave enough to try to steal it.

Tom has an idea. He dances around at the opening to the cave, saying, "Silly little pig, you can't get me!" This makes the snowpig very mad. Rushing to the entrance, the pig throws the snowball at Tom. Tom catches it and runs home with his new snowball!

The workshop tales

In this story, we had a crocodile who collects eggs. His favorite one is a golden one. He found it in a nest when he was wandering the swamp. The mother bird wasn't there, so he took it.

There's one other thing about our hero that is special. He can fly! He caught a magic butterfly who gives him the power to fly and he keeps him in a little net bag that hangs from his belt.

But one day, the egg disappears! Someone has stolen it from him! Upset, he sets out to fly around the swamp to find it.

It's not easy, since the swamp seems to be always changing, with new currents and islands.

Finally, there it is! He sees it high in a nest. Hovering over it, he ignores the cries of the mother bird as he reaches to take it again. But just then, his net bag catches on a stick and rips open. The butterfly is free! Now the croc can't fly!

Who saves him? The bird! For a small bird, she's very strong. She catches him and takes him to the ground. He is so thankful, he promises never to steal her egg again.

This cat on the right looks nervous or unsure of himself. That's because he's trying to find a way to sneak into a flea market to get a gadget, a thingameejig he saw there once. The cat lives in the city and has a secret attic where he keeps all his favorite things.

All he has to do is go to the flea market and get the thing. There is one big problem, though. A mean dog guards the lot. With a fence all around it, the only way in is past the dog by the gate. The dog lies by the gate and chews on his rubber ducky, which makes a little quacking sound.

Our cat has plans, though. He brings a ball and throws it for the dog to chase. Then he runs over to the thingameejig. It's a clock, with a bone on the top. Just when he's ready to pay for it, he hears quacks from behind him. Oh no -- the dog!

In the end, the cat buys the clock and gives it to the dog, who promises to let the cat in any time he wants.

Here we have a story about Henry, the hedgehog. He has a pen pal in Australia and decides to go to visit him. He brings with him a gift. It's a rusty trowel! That may seem like a bad gift to you, but to Henry, it's his favorite tool. He and his rabbit friend both love to garden and dig holes, so Henry is going to give his favorite trowel to his friend.

But when he gets there, he finds that his friend is being chased by a dingo! The wild dog is being used by a farmer who wants to get rid of all the rabbits. The dingo has covered up the holes to the bunny's underground home so that he can't go down and hide.

It's a good thing Henry brought his trowel! He quickly digs a new hole, and he and his friend duck down into the bunny's home, where they have hot chocolate and cookies. And all the dingo can do is watch from above!

Finally, this story is about a caterpillar named Clara. She wants a new pet. So a friendly bird takes her to the arctic, where she meets a polar bear. She tells him all about how nice her spot in the forest is. She explains about the pond nearby and all the fish in it. The polar bear is excited to go with her.

They start to float on a big chunk of ice, but soon the ice starts to break up. They're worried that they will not get back before the ice is gone. So clara uses the special glue she brought with her to keep the ice together. It melts as they go, but just in time, they reach the shore.

Back in the woods, the bear is very happy to be where there is so much food. And Clara is happy to have such a fun pet!

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What great stories!

You Woodland students have wonderful imaginations! Keep putting your ideas onto paper. And when you do, be sure to share them with your friends and family.

Tell your tales!

Thanks to everyone for such a fun visit!

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