with Bruce Van Patter 2006-2007 School Visits

My visit to Worcester First & Second grades!

The Assembly Story

The four ingredients: a lion in in a creepy cave who wants an ipod and is up against a wolf!

The story: Here is a lion who lives in a cave. He invited over his friend, a wolf, for a sleepover. But rather than sleep, the wolf wants to listen to music. He thinks he'll be quiet listening to songs on his ipod, but he doesn't realized he's singing along!

I loved how the music I picked while I drew, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, worked perfectly with the story -- even the howl of the wolf!

The workshop tales

In this story, we have a different kind of problem between a rabbit and a turtle -- not a race, but definitely a problem. This rabbit wanted his turtle friend to go with him for a walk in the woods. But the rabbit is so fast, he doesn't want to wait for his slowpoke friend.

But then, he trips and falls into a stream. Oh no! The rabbit isn't a good swimmer! But his slow turtle friend is, and he comes to rabbit's rescue.
The kids enjoyed telling me how turtles can swim really well.

This was a weird bird! We thought it might be a toucan, but then we brainstormed some great ideas for the bird that made it quite different from your average toucan. This bird, for instance, lays a magical egg, which when the bird sits on it, makes her invisible. That's a good thing, because the bird can't fly.

There's a mean guy in the woods who wants to have that egg so that he can be invisible to steal from other people. But he doesn't know that the egg will only work for the bird. The bird mother sneaks in to get the egg and is starting to turn invisible, but the man almost has grabbed her! Good thing she can talk bird language and call to other birds to help!

A painter lives in an old mansion. His paintings can come to life. This one, which I tried to make look like an abstract painting, is so strange and ugly, it's a sort of monster. The artist wants to capture him with a special cover which will make the painting go back onto the canvas.

After trying for a long time to catch him, the painter made another portrait, to distract the monster until he could get the cover over him.

I hope it works. But then again, I feel a little sorry for the monster painting.

Finally, in this story, a princess mouse works with the baker to get back some precious magic flour to make a birthday cake for the princess. They have to trick a mean cat. In the end, the princess mouse gets invited to the human princess's party.

A few final thoughts:

Well, Worcester kids, we had a great day. It was fun to draw for you. But don't let the drawings and the ideas stop just because I'm not there. Use your own story ideas! Put them down on paper and share them.

You have great ideas! Let others see what you're working on. That's the fun part of being creative: sharing your ideas with other.

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