The book that makes creative writing fun!

Do you have a reluctant writer? Or have a whole class of them?

Do you need a fresh approach to writing with kids?

This book is the creative writing help you need.

Kids Can LOVE to Write is a collection of 39 full-page essays in which I outline my approach to writing with kids. Each page is a stand-alone instruction about an aspect of writing. Some explain my philosophy of creativity and children; some delve into specifics about writing. You'll find advice on creating characters, voice, basic plots, opening sentences and much more. You'll also come to understand how to connect to the imaginations of kids.

Here is what readers of my newsletter said about the essays that went into this book.

I realize that The Sparkler takes a lot of work and time, however, the response from both staff and parents has been over whelming. We all look forward to the weekly idea to foster writing with our students. It's been invaluable!
Vito D'Alconzo, principal, Glen Rock, NJ

Dear Bruce Van Patter,
This is my seventh year teaching fifth grade and I look forward to your Sparkler emails as they always come at a time when I need a little push to write an inspiring writing lesson. Thank you for your time, input, and impact that you have had with writing in my classroom. Best of luck as you write your Kids Can Love to Write book.
Mrs. LaBarre, PA

Hi Bruce,
Your Sparklers have been great! I use your ideas and thoughts regularly and, because of this, never fail to enthuse the kids in my class. Sometimes I use your comments as a starting block so the kids can see exactly what I am getting at. If your book is anything like your emails, then I will be buying it!
Julie Jardine, English teacher, Bahrain

Dear Mr. Van Patter,
Please continue your inspiring work. I have implemented many of your suggestions in my 5th grade writing class. I am convinced you have the gift for inspiring good writing.
Olivia M. Sprouse, Nashville, TN

I can not even begin to thank you enough for your Sparklers!!...(they) have enhanced my ability to teach writing skills to my students. There isn't any "cookie cutter" way of teaching writing (thank goodness)! You have shown me alternative, innovative, and entertaining ways to get the kids interested in writing and shut down the "I can't think of anything to write" complaints that I hear every time we have a writing adventure.
Tyra Alldaffer, Kansas

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These essays originated as a weekly email, called The Sparkler. This book collects the first year of those emails -- re-edited, expanded and accompanied by a Daily Spark: I've imbedded in each article a separate practical suggestion for putting that concept into practice.

Format: 8.5 X 11

42 pages

Each essay is printable as a stand-alone page.

See the table of contents

See a sample page

Why write this book? If you've roamed this site, you know why. I have much to say about how creativity works with kids. Over my decade of inspiring young writers, I've developed an approach that has worked with every audience -- city kids, rural kids, homeschooled kids, those who are eager to write, and those who think they have no stories to share.

You can motivate kids in your life to write! It's not magical. You don't need a PhD. You just need an understanding of what fires up imaginations along with some practical knowledge of how narratives work. I can give that to you. That's what this book is for.

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