What the Dog Dug Up

story & illustration © 2003 Bruce Van Patter

yler Green wiped sweat from his forehead and tried to think about the money he was making.
Though his mom said she'd pay him two dollars to weed the garden, he knew he was still a long way from being able to buy that new bike he wanted. A long way. And this job was dirty, hot and hard. Not to mention boring.

"There must be an easier way to earn money," he said to Rascal, his dog. Rascal looked at him, slurped a smile, then tossed her head and went back to digging.

Rascal was nosing the dirt like crazy. Tyler put down his trowel. "Whatcha got, girl?" he asked, coming over. She barked and scraped the dirt again. Tyler pushed her away from the hole. Something was down there. A metal box. He brushed away more dirt, worked his fingers around it, and pulled it out.

The lock was rusty, but opened with a twist. Excited, Tyler lifted the creaking lid. He gasped. Inside was money. Lots of money. There was also a note. He read: Return this money, and you will have a greater reward! Bring it to 13 Raven Way. Knock once.

Tyler's heart pounded. What should he do? This was more than enough money to buy his bike. He knew he should probably return the money, but that was the problem.

Everyone said that 13 Raven Way, the old house on the hill, was haunted.

It's Your Story - Yikes! What a problem! But you can solve it...

Write an ending for the story where Tyler decides what to do. Do you think he should return the money? What will happen to him at 13 Raven Way? Can you make it exciting, funny or a little scary? And... if you're ready to write -- dig in!

Have fun -- finish the story -- and be creative! If you want to, email me your ending!