Where in TV are we?

story & illustration © 2001 Bruce Van Patter

he two boys were zapped into a forest. They could see mountains. They could see a little town.
Ben thought he might have seen this place once in a movie.

"What show is this?" he asked his friend, Rollo.

Rollo thought. "I set the VCR for Channel 12, which was a game show, but I guess I got it wrong." He looked around. "Looks familiar."

Nodding, Ben asked, "Do you think the machine you invented could be wrong? Maybe it made a mistake."

"No way," Rollo answered. "It always sends us to the channel I pick. Always."

"So maybe you put in the wrong number. What was on TV tonight? That could help us know what channel we're in."

"Channel 11 is sports," Rollo said. They shook their heads.

"Channel 13 is the shopping channel," added Ben. They shook their heads harder.

They thought of many channels. Not one seemed right.

"Oh no," Rollo said, getting scared. "I know. I got the numbers backwards. Channel 21."

"What? The Old Movie Channel?" said Ben. " That's not so bad. What was playing tonight?"

Just then, out of the bushes stepped an very tall, ugly man with arms reaching for them.

"FRANKENSTEIN!" both boys shouted at once then started running.

It's Your Story - This story could be so much fun to finish!! Just imagine...

How will the boys get away? How will they get back? Will they make friends with the monster? Maybe he will go with them to another channel -- how about the cooking channel! He can make Frankenstein's Frank and Beans!

Have fun -- finish the story -- and be creative! I can't wait to see your ending...email me!