Brownsville Gets the Blues

story & illustration © 2001 Bruce Van Patter

ega Dude was not supposed to have to deal with real trouble. He was only a student-superhero. He hadn't even had time to get a cool name.
Like all other fourth-year students, he had to spend time guarding a city. He had been given Brownsville, which was under the care of the wheezy Powerman -- an old, cranky superhero. He wasn't much good at stopping super villains, but none of them thought Brownsville was worth the trouble out here on the edge of the desert. So life for a superhero there was darn easy.

Easy, that is, until Mega Dude's first day on the job.

He and Powerman had been flying above the city when the action started. At first, it just looked like something blue had spilled in the city square. But then the screaming started. They zoomed closer. There, on the edge of the park, a large space-ship was parked. "That thing is in a NO PARKING ZONE!" shouted Powerman as he shot downward.

Mega Dude held back. Where's the alien? he wondered. That's when he noticed the blue below was spreading. It was growing. Tree-like stalks were pushing up from the street. He could hear it cracking as the roots pushed down. Brownsville was becoming a blue forest. What was making the trees grow? he wondered. Then he saw it. A tree at the edge was gliding down 4th Street, tossing what looked like blue basketballs. Everywhere a ball landed it exploded and a tree started.

This wasn't supposed to happen. Not here. What should he do? Mega Dude started to get Powerman, but stopped. This was his chance to prove himself! He flew like a fighter jet towards the alien thing.

The blue ball smacked him in mid-air. Before he hit the ground, the roots were around him. Squeezing.

It's Your Story - Holy Hemlocks, Batman! I need an ending!

Is this the end for Mega Dude? What super-power might he have? How will he escape? Can you write an ending in which M.D. can save the town and Powerman? And... can Mega Dude get that alien thing to make like a tree and leaf?

Have fun -- finish the story -- and be creative! And if you finish it, why not email it to me!