Shadow King's Lair

story & illustration © 2001 Bruce Van Patter

ungles are dark, even in the daytime. But this was the darkest, dimmest jungle that Flying Tiger had ever seen.
She knew he was in the right place.

For two solid months, she had been tracking the Shadow King back to his hide-out. She had followed him through night alleys where even the gangs wouldn't go. She had trailed him through sewer pipes, dank canyons, and moonless forests. More than once, Flying Tiger had just managed to escape surprise attacks by dozens of the Shadow King's night-wings, deadly little bats with razor-sharp teeth.

Flying Tiger only had two super-powers: an ability to sense danger, and a quickness unlike any other human -- except Shin Wu, her teacher of the martial art of Wing Chun. Master Wu had been the Shadow King's first victim. That's why the she was on this quest. She had to find out if her teacher was still alive.

Still in the jungle, Flying Tiger came to a wide, stone-paved courtyard under the open evening sky. It was the beginning of ruins of an ancient city. She was gliding across the stones when she sensed danger so strong, she nearly lost what little sight she had in the dimness. Just ahead, between two crumbling pillars was a deep shadow. Too deep.

"So," said the Shadow King. "You have come." Flying Tiger nodded. "I regret to say," continued the darkness, "that you won't be leaving."

A loud fluttering and chirping made her look up. Bats were launching into the air from the ruins. Hundreds of them. Thousands. Already they were swooping towards her.

It's Your Story - Here is your challenge: finish the story!

How will Flying Tiger defeat so many attackers? Can you write an ending in which she rescues her teacher and they stop the evil Shadow King? And...can a black belt beat back black bats? (Say that 3 times fast!)

Have fun -- finish the story -- and be creative! Hey, email me your ending if you want!