At the Superhero Picnic

story & illustration © 2003 Bruce Van Patter

lamo stood by the hot coals and called, "Come on, super buddies -- the chicken's done!"
From the back yard picnic tables, people got up and came over, paper plates in hand. All were talking, laughing, and wearing bright costumes. Capes fluttered in the summer breeze.

"No butting in line, Rude Man," called Flamo. "There's plenty for everybody." He stabbed a piece of chicken with a long fork.

The first in line was Octo Woman. She reached forward her eight plates, then screamed, "Flamo! Your cape is on fire!" The super chef spun around and yelled. His flame-colored cape flickered with flames. He had just a quick look at a small figure ducking behind the black grill before he began to shout, "Help me put it out!"

Superheroes were running all around, yelling. Someone dragged Sea Monkey over and began to tickle his tummy. Water squirted out of his ears, hitting Dirtman in the head, which quickly began to drip. "Ooo, that makes me so mud," he growled.

Only Rude Man noticed the little creature who was running away into the bushes with three arms loaded with chicken. "Hey, dummies," he shouted. "That alien has our food!"

It's Your Story - Whoa! What a wild start! Now it needs a finish!

Can you write an ending where the superheroes try to save their dinner? Do you think they should get it back, or should the alien get it? Can you make the superheroes funny? And... who do you think will be the first to chicken out?

Have fun -- finish the story -- and be creative! Email your ending to me if you want!