Hide and Steal

story & illustration © 2003 Bruce Van Patter

iana was the only one left at the house when Invizzo came for the secret plans.
It wasn't that they meant to leave her alone. She was, after all, only a kid -- a very fast kid. Little Zip they called her. But the other superheroes had all gone out to catch Invizzo. They hadn't figured on him coming to them.

She never would have even known he was in the yard if he hadn't tripped over the garden hose. When she heard the thud and his OOF!, she jumped up from her chair on the porch.

She reached for her cell phone, then quickly dialed. Her fingers were a blur. But as she brought the phone to her ear, something snatched it out of her hand. The phone seemed to float in the air, then flew out into the yard and landed in the pool with a splash.

Now Fiona spun for the door as fast as a blink. But not fast enough. Hands grabbed her and lifted her. "Put me down!" she shouted, beating unseen shoulders beneath her.

"Gladly," said a voice. She felt herself swing up into the air, then she was let go, soaring, falling. SPLASH! She, too, was in the pool.

Wiping water from her eyes, she saw the back door open, then close. Invizzo was inside.

It's Your Story - This is just getting going! I need you to write the end...

How will Little Zip stop Invizzo from stealing the secret plans? What would you do to make an invisible thief not invisible? And... can she see right through his evil plot?

Have fun -- finish the story -- and be creative! Email your ending to me if you want!