Remember, I'd love to read your finished story. Just remember to tell me what story it is!
Here's a list of the stories. It's not as much fun as exploring by your menu choices, but maybe you'll find one you like quicker this way.

The Stolen Energy-globe - a space detective story (a new story!)
Campground Raiders - cookie crumbs lead to a surprising thief
Wild and Woolly - a monster detective and missing sheep
The Kidnapped Kakapo - Max Bonker rides again!
Goldy Unlocks the Mystery - there's a mystery in the land of fairy tales
That Darn Parrot! - something is very strange about that bird
A Mouse Is Missing! - who or what has taken Uncle Neb?
What the Dog Dug Up - a suprise is buried in Tyler's back yard
This Spells Trouble - don't touch that wizard's box!
What Is That Thing? - recess will never be the same
Mysterious Prints - the final test of detective class
Tracking the Laugher - a note leads to a haunted school
First Day in Charm School - playing with the teacher's wand is dangerous!
Drip, Drop - a creature is lurking in the rainforest exhibit
Where In TV Are We? - watch out! That's not a remote!
My Pal AL - what is that crazy squirrel saying now?
One Tiny Problem - it's a bad idea to make a wizard angry!
The Treehouse Surprise - how did an alien get up there?
Stop the Beach House Gang - but how do you stop their scary helpers?
Where's Winnie? - babysitting has never been so hard
Me and My Killer Pizza - a kid, a wizard, and a pizza-making contest!
You Snooze, You Lose - something evil is happening in class today
Green Glow the Monsters - kids have to find the real monsters at the dance
Hitting Rock Bottom - a young monkey and the thing in the cave
The Wizard's Hat - winning it was just the start of the trouble
Sara Faces the Black Knight - can she get the alien knight to help her?
An Easy Pick - but that weird, floppy-eared monster doesn't play fair!
The Princess and the Outlaw - how much help can Robin Hood's cousin be?
Be Careful What You Ask For - because with magic, you might just get it!
Dragon Fighter's Surprise - an actor faces his toughest part ever!
When Gronk Sings - a princess has a plan to escape from an ogre's house
The Castle Tower's Secret - a girl climbs the stairs to face a surprise
Camping Out of Time - I bet he wishes he hadn't brought that comic book!
The Prince and the Parkers -mysterious neighbors and one excited dog
Adele's Big Date - a princess gets a boyfriend she can look up to
The Lesson of Leather Mask - a prince learns about sword-fighting
Which Wizard - choosing a wizard can be tricky business!
Brownsville Gets the Blues - trouble on Mega Dude's first day on the job
Masked Marvel's Night Job - a raccoon and the terrible monster in the woods
Shadow King's Lair - can the girl, Flying Tiger, finally defeat her evil enemy?
Deep-Wood Danger - fairies are easy to catch. Or are they?
At the Superhero Picnic - there's one guest that wasn't invited!
Morning Shocker - a kid gets a super-power he didn't want
Hide and Steal - can a young superhero stop an invisible thief?
Don't Mess With Chester - magic, superpowers and little kids don't mix!
Super Howie & the Science Fair - don't use little brothers for science projects
The Superhero Janitor - it's time to clean up this danger!
The Prankster Strikes Again - there's trouble at Superhero Academy
The School of Hard Knocks - can Ultra Kid find her kidnapped sister?

All text and illustrations © Bruce Van Patter

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